Advanced AI
for Marketers

All of our advanced products can be added to the main
product suite for even better campaign optimization.

Learn how marketers use Trapica for:

  • Predictive Targeting
  • Budget Management
  • Cross Platform Learning
  • Campaign Creation

  • Predictive Targeting

    Target your audiences earlier in the funnel after our AI builds extensive patterns about your audience’s habits and what leads them to convert.

    Trapica will extend your campaign reach and get to these people days before they’d usually be targeted.


    CPA reduced by

    “Our marketing team is spending more time moving our ads forward with Trapica. They are delivering better results faster.”

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    Budget Management

    Why waste your ad spend on campaigns and networks that are underperforming at any given moment?

    Our AI will measure your results in each given time and make real-time, automated adjustments across all of your ad platforms to make sure your budget is continuously directed to the top performing ads.

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    Cross Platform Learning

    Manage your campaigns across multiple ad platforms with one automated decision engine. Trapica allows you to share learnings between campaigns across different platforms, greatly improving campaign performance.

    Campaign Creation

    Create and publish AI-managed campaigns across multiple social ad platforms and ad networks with one click.


    Uplift in scale

    After the automation and optimization features dropped their CPA roughly 30 within the first few day. IGN chose to implement Trapica’s scale product.

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