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Targeting prediction for audience discovery

Target your audiences earlier in the funnel by building extensive patterns about your audience’s habits and what leads them to convert. These patterns allow you to extend your campaign reach, scale your budget, and  get your ads in front of people  days before they’d usually be targeted.

Use Real-Time Data to Predict Your Audience

Cross-Platform Optimization

Connect campaign learnings across multiple advertising platforms to improve campaign performance and enrich decision-making on the advertising platforms with less robust native data.

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Budget Management for Social and Search

Why waste your ad spend on campaigns and ad networks that are underperforming? Instead, use AI to constantly analyze your campaigns and make real-time adjustments across all of your ad platforms, ensuring your budget is always being  directed to the top performing ads and networks.

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Lookalike audience creation and optimization  

Automatically create advanced lookalikes based on existing audience data and advanced AI learnings.

Campaign creation across multiple platforms

Create and publish AI-managed campaigns across multiple social ad platforms and ad networks with one click.

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