Maximize Campaign Performance For Every Location, Campaign, and Platform

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Manage Your
Budget Effectively

Choose which local markets you want to focus your advertising spend on and prevent overspending in other regions.

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Automate Ad Campaign Updates

Automate targeting, bidding, creatives, and more at scale for each of your local consumers across search and social.

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Discover And Target Your Local Audiences

Use AI to adapt your campaign targeting definitions to uniquely fit the users in each of your geographic locations.

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AI Products For Location-Specific Campaigns

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Campaign Scale For
Local Brands

Scale your local ads when the time is right. Trapica can automatically scale your local marketing campaigns based on predetermined parameters.

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Predict Your Local Audience

Easily target your audiences earlier in the funnel with the help of AI.

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Use The Best Creatives
In Every Location

A/B test your existing creatives and use the ones that are most likely to get your audience to convert.

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Target Your Perfect Audience in Each Location

Target the right audience exactly when they are ready to convert across all of your social network and search advertising campaigns.

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Bidding Optimization For Local Brands

Automatically adjust campaign bidding to maximize your ad spend and make sure it is being used on keywords and targeting segments that are driving results.

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Happy Clients All
Around the World

“Using Trapica, we have found a way to source driver partners in volume at an affordable price. The system is easy to use. It truly is turn key.”
Portl media marketing team

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