AI for Marketers: Target Your
Perfect Audience

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Target Your Audience Using AI

Leverage artificial intelligence software to analyze thousands of real-time conversion events from your cold traffic campaigns or retargeting ads and find the most relevant audiences to target at all times.

Discover Your Audience Across Multiple Platforms

Social media marketing is dynamic. By constantly seeking out patterns in audience behavior you can truly understand who your audience is and build your creatives accordingly.

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Scale Your Ads Autonomously Based On Real-Time Results

Scale your ads when the time is right. Automatically scale your marketing campaigns based on predetermined parameters, and prevent your conversion cost from taking a hit as your spend increases.

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A/B Test and Adjust
Ad Creatives

Use real-time data to A/B test your creatives in every moment and prevent underperforming creatives from wasting your ad spend.

Optimize Ad Bidding

Make sure your campaign's bidding strategy is focused on the keywords and targeting segments that are driving results by using AI to automate the bidding process.

Dynamic Ad Variation

Automatically create new ad variations based on your existing ads.

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