Target your
perfect audience

All Trapica clients have access to our main product suite.
With zero integration and only 2-clicks of on boarding,
it has never been easier for you to add AI algorithms
to your marketing campaigns.

Learn how marketers use Trapica for:

  • Targeting
  • Audience Discovery
  • Scaling Campaigns
  • Creative A/B Testing
  • Bidding Optimization

  • Better Keyword Targeting

    Trapica leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze thousands of real-time conversion events from your campaigns and find the most accurate and relevant audiences to target at any moment.


    Uplift in ROI

    “The marketing team is spending more time moving our own product forward with Trapica. They are delivering more ads faster.”

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    Audience Discovery

    Social media marketing is dynamic. Trapica is constantly seeking out patterns in audience behavior to make sure that you know who your audience really is and can build your creatives accordingly.

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    Autonomous Scale

    Scale your ads when the time is right. Trapica can automatically scale your marketing campaigns based on predetermined parameters, making sure your ROI doesn’t take a hit as your spend increases.

    Creative A/B Testing

    Based on the real-time target audience, Trapica’s AI quickly A/B tests your existing creatives and decides which one is most likely to get the current audience to convert. Any underperforming creatives are automatically turned off.


    CPA reduced by

    “Using Trapica, we have found a way to source driver partners in volume at an affordable price. The system is easy to use. It truly is turn key.”

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    Bidding Optimization

    Campaign bidding is automatically adjusted to maximize your ad spend and make sure it is being used on the keywords and targeting segments that are driving in results.

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