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Use Trapica Suggest to discover how to win the game of targeting. Just type in a keyword to get started.

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Simply type a segment or keyword and receive Trapica Suggest insights for other keywords with an overlapping audience.

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Find what keywords and segments they use to target their audience.

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Figure out which audiences best define your company's following.

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Top Keyword Overlaps

Stop spending hours picking targeted keywords and segments that are too expensive or just not performing well.

With the top segments and keywords overlap report, you can discover what keywords have overlapping audiences.

These overlaps give you the opportunity to target the same audience while saving money.

Advanced Keyword Targeting

  • On Facebook alone there are over 40,000 targeting keywords, so it isn’t easy to know how to get to the people who are actually converting on your campaigns.

    This keyword tool will give you access to advanced combinations of keywords that you can use to target more accurately on your marketing campaigns, maintaining a constant advantage over your competitors.