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Dynamic Targeting Decisions

Make smarter and faster targeting decisions to achieve next-level performance on the world’s leading  search platforms, like Google Ads, Pinterest, and more. Advertising on Google has never been easier.

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Search Automation & optimization

Real-Time Learning
& Insights

Manage and automate the audience targeting, bidding, and creatives across all of your campaigns search platforms, allowing you to save time, improve results, and get valuable audience insights.

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smarter budget scaling

Scale Ad Spend Efficiently

Automatically scale your ad spend when the time is right, so you can maintain your ROI even while increasing spend.

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Search & Display Products Built With AI

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Scale Search Ads

Use artificial intelligence to autonomously scale your ads based on parameters that you define.

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Predictive Keyword Targeting

Use AI to build extensive patterns about your converting audience and use these learnings to target your audience earlier in the funnel.Learn More —>

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A/B Test Display Ads

Based on your real-time target audience, A/B test your display creatives and focus spend on the ones that are most likely to get your audience to convert in that moment.

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Keyword Optimization

Fine tune keyword targeting to make sure your ads are getting to the audience that is most likely to convert in any given moment.

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Search Campaign Bidding Optimization

Adjust and optimize campaign bidding to maximize your ad spend, making sure it’s spent on the keywords and targeting segments that are driving results.

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״Great platform!
Getting to the right audience is hard. Trapica helped us to find and target our audiences in the right way, saved us CPA and helped us to scale.״
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