Go to market strategy & audience intelligence

Use Trapica's no-code AI and ML capabilities for marketers to analyze online and unlock customers insights, target opportunities, and knowledge

Bring accuracy into your go to market execution

Increase sales and conversions by understanding your audiences, clients, the market, and the targeting opportunities across marketing platforms

Consumer intelligence

Use AI to understand your audiences and personas that are engaging and converting across funnels


Analyze data from social and search channels to provide brands visibility into both online and offline consumers

Marketing insights and trends

Give marketers everything they need to know about the brand audiences in order to maximize conversions, ROAS, and drive growth

Go to market strategy

Understand audience behavior across online and offline data

We leverage social and search data with AI-powered algorithms to connect the dots and create market intelligence and research that tells you what happened, why and provide more context and insights than any other platform, helping brands get to the "Aha" moment in audience understanding across online and offline data.

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Audience behavior for marketers

Improve accountability and increase marketing performance

Trapica uses AI-powered algorithms to identify audience behavior patterns and interests segmentation that provide powerful insights and predictive trends that enable brands to understand consumers, putting the real-time needs of the consumers in the heart of every marketing and strategy decision.


Competitive Intelligence

Competitive analysis tool to reverse engineer your competitors

Use Trpaica's AI and algorithms learning models to get visibility into competitors' consumer journeys, audiences strategy, targeted personas across campaigns and across channels, and additional insights that will help you to build a more competitive strategy.

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“Trapica is an integral part of our team's social media strategy and is driving the success of our campaigns. The platform's unique ability to optimize in real-time means our audience targeting is more efficient than ever.”
Jeanette Pierce
Senior Director of Marketing at
Comcast NBCUniversal

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