AI-Driven Audience Discovery and Market Intelligence

The world is changing every minute, and the same thing happens with your customers' behavior. We leverage social platform data and AI-powered market research to help you understand the audience that interacts with your brand.
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Understand Your Audiences

Use AI to analyze any of your prospecting, remarketing, or customer audiences to understand the people who interact with your brand.

Analyze Updated
Audience Lists

Get refreshed reports every month to ensure your market research insights are up-to-date.

Adapt Your Marketing Strategy

Use the audience insights to update your campaigns, so you can be confident that your copy and creatives resonate with the people who see your ads

Trapica Market Research Industry Benchmarks


90% of the audience within the beauty industry also aligns with the "natural products" segment

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Sports & Fitness

92% of the people that have the sport segment also has the "art and music" segment

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Ed Tech  

47% of the audience under ed tech users also have the segment "pizza" in their targeting definitions

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Online Retail  

96% of the people in the online retail segment also fit the "family and relationship" segment

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98% of audience in the beverage industry benchmark also have the "sports and outdoors" targeting definitions

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Pet Food  

87% of the audience within the pet food industry benchmark  have the segment "dog toy" in their targeting definitions

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90% of the travel audience have the segment "" in their targeting definitions

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Other Industries

Get benchmark reports for industries including automotive, watches, glasses, gaming, superfoods, vitamins, supplements and more.

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Improve Your Market Research Strategy

Access custom audience analysis reports that show you the targeting keywords and demographic segments that represent your unique audiences, so you can better understand your customers, website visitors, retargeting lists, and more.

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