Cloud Campaign Automation
Autonomously optimize targeting and automate every aspect of the ad campaign using our AI-powered algorithms.
Campaign Automation
Targeting and audience optimization
Scale products
Creative A/B
Budget Optimization
Ad Analytics and Insights
Performance Monitoring


Cloud Automation + Go To Market Intelligence + Additional Marketers products
Scale ad campaigns and understand your audiences while automating and optimizing across platforms.
Everything in Standard plus:
Performance Monitoring
Predictive Targeting
Performance Forecast
Go To Market Intelligence
Market Research
Competitive Intelligence
Brand Safety & Security  
Ad Analytics


Pro: Cloud Automation + Go To Market Intelligence and Enterprise solutions
Leverage Trapica's One marketing Cloud across your entire marketing teams, channels, and platforms.
Everything in Pro plan plus:
Audience Behavior
Brand Intelligence

Customers love using Trapica.

Here’s where Trapica can help you

Jeanette – Senior director of marketing @ NBCUniversal
"Our audience targeting is more efficient than ever".
Trapica is an integral part of our team's social media strategy and is driving the success of our campaigns. The platform's unique ability to optimize in real-time means our audience targeting is more efficient than ever.
Alek – Senior director of marketing @ Homer Learning
"Results that make our partnership a no brainer."
Trapica has consistently proven to get CPAs below what we see with the platform algorithms alone. The ROI has been strong through multiple tests and evaluations.
Roy – CMO @ Oribi
"Were able to scale our budget faster."
By using Trapica on our social campaigns, we reached higher intent audiences at lower CPAs and were able to scale our budget faster.
Colleen Kelly, Growth Marketing Manager @ Nom Nom
"Delivers consistently on their promise to scale efficiently"
"Trapica delivers consistently on their promise to find and scale wins efficiently. They're responsive and adept at moving quickly to adjust strategy when goals change from quarter to quarter."

Just look at the results

Generate more Conversions

Reduction in acquisition costs

Reduce cost
and Time

Save campaign management time


Increase in ROAS

Trapica For Early stage companies

Fewer than 15 Employees? Scale with our Trapica package for Early stage companies

What's new at Trapica?

Ad Planning

Ad planning for marketers allows you to plan & track your campaigns and budgets across channels

Marketing KPI Tracker  

Unite your marketing team around your measurable marketing KPIs and track them from one place.

Ad Scoring & Insights

Use AI to identify which of your creatives  work best for your campaign and who the the audience is that engages with each of them.

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