Omnichannel Marketing Platform for Marketing Teams

Elevate your marketing team with our AI-Powered Omnichannel Marketing Platform. Harness cutting-edge AI technology and advanced marketing capabilities to take your performance to the next level.

AI + Marketers = more conversions and happier clients

What is Omnichannel Marketing Automation & Optimization AI 

Trapica's Omnichannel Marketing Automation revolutionizes your marketing approach. Say goodbye to manual strategy definition – our fully autonomous AI expertly targets the right audiences based on your specific conversion objectives and real-time events, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and top-notch performance across all marketing channels.

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Campaign Automation and Optimization 

Automate marketing campaigns across social, search, and DSP media platforms using AI-powered marketing automation for marketers

AI-Powered Targeting   

Automation and optimization targeting across marketing campaigns. Get to your perfect audience using advanced AI algorithms.

Ad Bidding 

Trapica's campaign bidding optimization enables advertisers to execute sophisticated audience bidding strategies using AI-Powered decision algorithms.

Cross Channel Budget Optimization

Easily and autonomously automating budget, targeting, and creatives for marketing campaigns across multiple ad channels.

Ad Creative AI 

Use our ad creative ai to simplify creative decisions, audience alignment, and the creation of new variations.

Scale Optimizer

Leverage an AI-powered engine to efficiently scale up your marketing activities across multiple channels while keeping CPAs on the lower side.

AI-Powered Intelligence

How To Use Trapica's Omnichannel AI-powered Intelligence For Marketing Teams

Gain comprehensive insights into your omnichannel audiences using our Intelligence product for marketers. Our AI-powered intelligence provides a holistic view of your funnel, empowering you to identify your audiences at every level. With CDNA audience insights, you can confidently understand your target audience's unique characteristics and preferences. Furthermore, our product equips you to confidently stay ahead of your competitors by gaining insights into their audiences. Leverage our powerful data-driven tools to confidently make informed decisions that consistently drive impactful results, propelling you confidently towards your marketing KPI's.

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AI-Powered Consumer Insights

Use our AI-powered consumer insights platform to understand your consumers' intents, interests, and behavior across ad channels.

Audience Intelligence  

Get insights on your audiences across every level of your marketing funnels.

Competitive Intelligence  

Use AI-Power to analyze competitors and get real-time insights into their marketing and targeting strategy.

Audience Trands

Get real-time trends and other advanced insights on your audiences.

Market Research For Marketers

Create market research reports to understand your industry, audience, and strategy.

CDNA and Offline Audience Insights

Learn more about your CDNA and offline audiences using our AI-Powered intelligence to provide advanced insight and analysis.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

Jeanette – Senior director of marketing @ NBCUniversal
"Our audience targeting is more efficient than ever".
Trapica is an integral part of our team's social media strategy and is driving the success of our campaigns. The platform's unique ability to optimize in real-time means our audience targeting is more efficient than ever.
Alek – Senior director of marketing @ Homer Learning
"Results that make our partnership a no brainer."
Trapica has consistently proven to get CPAs below what we see with the platform algorithms alone. The ROI has been strong through multiple tests and evaluations.
Lian Yu  C.O.O. Toys R Us ANZ
"Outperformed our previous ad campaigns by over 50% both in terms of number of sales."
With our first Trapica optimised Facebook and Instagram campaigns we've achieved our best ever social media ad results.  We've outperformed our previous ad campaigns by over 50% both in terms of number of sales and also costs per purchase."  
Colleen Kelly, Growth Marketing Manager @ Nom Nom
"Delivers consistently on their promise to scale efficiently"
"Trapica delivers consistently on their promise to find and scale wins efficiently. They're responsive and adept at moving quickly to adjust strategy when goals change from quarter to quarter."

See how Trapica ai can get you to your marketing KPIs before end of the quarter