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Everyday, hackers are finding new ways to get into marketers' ad accounts and wreak havoc. Instead of losing your ad spend to hackers or human error use OhNoo to keep your accounts safe.

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Quick & Easy
Set Up

Connect your ad account to OhNoo in two simple steps. With no messy and complicated integration necessary, you can start protecting your ad accounts immediately.

Customizable Alert Settings

After you create your account, you can go into your OhNoo dashboard and customize your alert settings to make sure you're getting the notifications and alerts that matter most to you.

24/7 Detection
& Response

Powered by AI, OhNoo is protecting your ad accounts 24/7. Get notified as soon as there is unusual activity on your ad accounts and be able to respond to issues immediately.

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Take advantage of a 10-day free trial of OhNoo to protect your ad accounts from cyber threats and human error.

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