Stop missing Ad campaign mistakes that cause costly revenue loss.

Everyday, hackers are finding new ways to get into marketers' ad accounts and wreak havoc. Instead of losing your ad spend to hackers or simple marketing mistakes, keep your accounts safe with Trapica.

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Automate Ad Account Security

It's difficult to manually catch issues before it's too late. Automate your ad account security, so you don't have to constantly worry about the safety of your ad account.

Unusual Ad Activity

OhNoo By Trapica can detect unusual Ad campaigns activity on your account and alert you immediately, so you don't have to worry about costly errors or threats.

Real-Time Ad Alerts &

The OhNoo by Trapica dashboard will track your notifications and account health in real-time, and giving you an easy way to monitor it over time.

Dynamic Ad Account Alerts

Keeping your ad account safe and secure can be difficult. With Ohnoo by Trapica Get notified when there are issues hindering your ad campaigns performance and revenue.
CPM Changes
Traffic Issues
ROI Loss
Conversion Funnel Errors
Pixel Issues
Ad Platform Problem
New Campaigns
Irregular Budget
Ad Creative Errors
And More

Start Protecting Your Marketing Team

Talk with a Trapica team member to find out how to protect your ad accounts from cyber threats and human error.

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