Give your team a complete marketing solution to automate marketing campaigns, get to know your audiences, and have powerful data insights. Make an immediate impact on your marketing activities like a superhero.

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Trapica marketing cloud analyzes your campaigns, audiences like CDNA, and other data to deliver your team autonomous marketing automation across advertisement channels without human touch. Audience and consumer intelligence help you understand your audiecnes and productivity products built by and for marketers and marketing teams.

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Generate more

Reduction in acquisition costs

Save cost
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Save campaign management time by


Increase in ROAS

What's new at Trapica?

Brand Safety For Marketers

Protect your brands' ad accounts from mistakes, hackers, and other threats

Metaverse Insights Tool

Get insights and analyze your data in Metaverse environment , events and venues - Reach our to join beta

Ad Planning

Ad planning for marketers allows you to plan & track your campaigns and budgets across channels

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Ad Analytics

Understand campaign data and unlock faster Ad performance with data-driven insights

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Marketing Automation

React faster, increase performance and efficiency by adding Trapica's AI automation to your marketing campaigns

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Go to market Intelligence

Unlock customers' insights, target opportunities, and audience behavior and gain a competitive advantage

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Dive into the full range of Trapica's marketing cloud

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Customers love using Trapica.

Jeanette – Senior director of marketing @ NBCUniversal
"Our audience targeting is more efficient than ever".
Trapica is an integral part of our team's social media strategy and is driving the success of our campaigns. The platform's unique ability to optimize in real-time means our audience targeting is more efficient than ever.
Alek – Senior director of marketing @ Homer Learning
"Results that make our partnership a no brainer."
Trapica has consistently proven to get CPAs below what we see with the platform algorithms alone. The ROI has been strong through multiple tests and evaluations.
Roy – CMO @ Oribi
"Were able to scale our budget faster."
By using Trapica on our social campaigns, we reached higher intent audiences at lower CPAs and were able to scale our budget faster.
Colleen Kelly, Growth Marketing Manager @ Nom Nom
"Delivers consistently on their promise to scale efficiently"
"Trapica delivers consistently on their promise to find and scale wins efficiently. They're responsive and adept at moving quickly to adjust strategy when goals change from quarter to quarter."
How do you do more with less
Building great marketing products that
make marketer's lives simple

Save time with autonomous marketing automation

No Rules, No manual adjustment - simply automate and optimize campaigns across ad channels using advanced AI algorithms solutions.

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Improve efficiency with better targeting

The cost of reaching your perfect audiences increase year over year by 88% on FB & IG, 110% on Youtube, and ~200% on Google ads. Trapica finds your perfect audiences in each campaign and targets them efficiently to ensure you are getting them effectively.

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Manage cross channel marketing efforts from one place

Use cross-channel optimization to maximize learning and campaign performance across all your active ad channels.

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Enhance learnings with powerful audience insights

Audience discovery using AI to understand the intent, interest, and behavioral segmentation of clients and prospective audiences and help you learn more about your audiences across the board and in each step of your marketing funnel.

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" Trapica not only made it easy for us to automate digital advertising, but it improved our overall conversions "
- Miranda Bond, MDigital