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Break The Ad
Targeting Barrier

Leverage AI to discover and target your audience, automate and optimize your marketing campaigns, and maximize ROI on every ad.

Better Audience Targeting with AI

Automate and optimize your ad campaign's targeting, bidding, scale, and creatives to get the most out of your paid social and mobile marketing efforts.

Maximize All Your Ad Platforms

Trapica AI is compatible with all of the major ad networks, including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Reddit, and Quora.

Ad Targeting

Use artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of real-time conversion events from your active ads, discover the audiences that are converting, and update the ads with the perfect audiences across multiple ad platforms.

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Ad Automation

Less work, more AI automation. Take your ads to the next level by automating targeting, bidding, scale, and creative A/B testing on all of your campaigns.

Marketing AI Products for All Major Advertising Platforms

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Ad Scale

Automatically scale your ads when the time is right based on real-time results and budget parameters that you define.

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Ad Audience Prediction

Use AI to build extensive patterns about your audience’s habits. Learn what leads them to convert, so you can target them earlier in the funnel.

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Creative A/B Testing

Quickly A/B test your existing creatives and push the ones that are most likely to get your audience to convert in every moment, so you can stop wasting money on underperforming ads.

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Targeting Optimization

Continuously get your ads in front of the right audience on your social and search advertising campaigns.

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Cross Platform Optimization

Manage your campaigns across multiple ad platforms with one automated decision engine.

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Bid Optimization

Automatically change bidding to maximize your ad budget and make sure it is spent on the keywords and targeting segments that are driving results.

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Decrease CPA
Increase ROI
Campaign Scale

Thousands of Happy Customers Around the World

"Trapica helps us get the most out of our spend and reach the right people. Not only is tech brilliant, the Trapica team is, too!"
״Great platform!
Getting to the right audience is hard. Trapica helped us to find and target our audiences in the right way, saved us CPA and helped us to scale.״
101 Blockchain
"The best product when it comes to targeting your audience!"
"Huge thanks to the Trapica team providing us with most powerful tools We have ever used in social media. Can’t imagine my content without them 💪"
"Love Trapica! Great platform great team"
“Using Trapica, we have found a way to source driver partners in volume at an affordable price. The system is easy to use. It truly is turn key.”
Portl Media

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