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digital audience identification

Combine AI data to analyze audiences and their interests, intent, and behavioral segmentation

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marketing team automation

Deliver AI products that work together to seamlessly automate Ad campaign management

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AI-powered ad optimization

Automatically optimize ad campaign performance across social, search, and DSP

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Image of Roy Naar.

"By using Trapica on our social campaigns, we reached higher intent audiences at lower CPAs and were able to scale our budget faster."

Roy Naar, Social Acquisition Team Leader
@ Natural Intelligence


Giving marketers the ability to put every aspect of their campaign on autopilot.

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Campaign optimization for Ad targeting, creative, bidding, placement, scale, and other ad functions that improve performance.

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Analytics to understand campaign converted users and their ad journey.

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Audience discovery using AI to understand intent, interest, and behavioral segmentation of clients and prospect audiences.

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Create Ad scale across channels and platforms with one marketing product.

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