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How it works

Empower your marketing team with marketing tools to improve efficiency and productivity

Save 65% of your time, Improve performance and make your marketing team more efficient with products built by marketers for marketers.

Marketing KPI Tracker

The Trapica marketing KPI tracker is a tool used by marketers and managers to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Marketers can identify trends, evaluate the performance of their marketing strategies, and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing efforts.

Ad Planner

Our ad planner helps marketers to plan and manage their advertising campaigns across ad channels. With the ad planner, you will be able to plan campaigns, create and plan ad budgets across ad channels, visualize everything across all your ad channels in one platform and expose other team members to your planned data and insights.

Campaign Forecast

The campaign forecast is a prediction or estimate of the likely results of a marketing or advertising campaign for up to 30 days. It includes projections of key metrics such as the number of leads/purchases or any other type of conversions that will be generated, the return on investment (ROI) that will be achieved, and the overall impact.

Competitive Ad Library

Track for you your compatriot's marketing creatives and campaigns data

Ad Score

Trapica's ad creative score is a measure of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign's creative elements, such as the ad copy, images, and design. It is based on a combination of metrics such as the click-through rate (CTR) of the ad, the engagement rate (ER) of the ad, the overall impact on the target audience, and the alignment with the regulation of the ad channel.

Brand Safety and Ad Security

Our ad security and safety product integrate into your ad channels in order to make sure your campaigns are aligned with your brand safety regulations and to protect your accounts from hacking, marketing mistakes, unapproved access, and more to make sure your ad account is always safe.

Ad Measurement And Attribution

Trapica measures your performance across ad channels and provides the full ad measurement and attribution picture in one platform.

Advanced Funnels

Out advanced funnels build automatically for each account and help marketers to understand audiences, how they behave across campaigns and identify performance issues.

Here’s where Trapica can help you

Jeanette – Senior director of marketing @ NBCUniversal
"Our audience targeting is more efficient than ever".
Trapica is an integral part of our team's social media strategy and is driving the success of our campaigns. The platform's unique ability to optimize in real-time means our audience targeting is more efficient than ever.
Alek – Senior director of marketing @ Homer Learning
"Results that make our partnership a no brainer."
Trapica has consistently proven to get CPAs below what we see with the platform algorithms alone. The ROI has been strong through multiple tests and evaluations.
Roy – CMO @ Oribi
"Were able to scale our budget faster."
By using Trapica on our social campaigns, we reached higher intent audiences at lower CPAs and were able to scale our budget faster.
Colleen Kelly, Growth Marketing Manager @ Nom Nom
"Delivers consistently on their promise to scale efficiently"
"Trapica delivers consistently on their promise to find and scale wins efficiently. They're responsive and adept at moving quickly to adjust strategy when goals change from quarter to quarter."

automation products for Marketing-Led marketers and marketing teams

Trapica's Marketing Automation is a fully autonomous AI that doesn't require manual pre-definition implementation from your side. Our marketing automation AI will target the right audiences based on your conversion objectives and real-time events to ensure efficiency and performance.

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Trapica's Marketing Automation Products 
Automated Camapaign Managment
Audience Targeting Optimization  
Ad Bidding  
Cross Channel Budget management
Autonomus creatives testing, scoring and insights
Ad Scale
Cross Channel opertunitues Insights
Audience discovery Insights

Understand your marketing environment in the blink of an eye

Ad Analytics and Insights

Close gaps between your marketing data

Use Trpaica's analytics platform to analyze all your marketing activities across channels in one place and get valuable cross-channel analyses,  insights, audience behavior, and attributions.

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Brand safety

Algin brand safety across accounts and prevent unauthorized use

Give your team the ability to protect your marketing ad accounts across platforms from hacking, unauthorized use, and marketing mistakes, and ensure that the campaigns always align with your company's brand safety guidelines.

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Ad planner

Get to know your audiences across online and offline channels

Make campaign planning easy for you and your markting team members. work together on one visualized platform to plan your future campaigns across ad channels

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Performance forecast

Understand your environment, and never miss a bit

Get insights into what your performance will look like in the next 30 days. Trapica's marketing AI analyzes historical data and real-time data to provide you with an accurate prediction in real-time

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Ad measurement and attribution

Know what works. Gain insight into those hard-to-measure

Attribution is easy when you have the right tools to track and analyze it. With Trapica's attribution tool, you will get insight into your customer's journey and the attribution of each ad channel.

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