Facebook and Instagram Automation for continuous growth

When you power your marketing efforts with Trapica, you can react faster, understand your audiences, and optimize everything from one place.

AI-powered marketing team

make your FB campaigns Better

Autonomous FB marketing automation

Combine AI data to analyze audiences and their interests, intent, and behavioral segmentation

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targeting optimization across platforms

Deliver AI products that work together to seamlessly automate Ad campaign management

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AI-powered profitable Ad scale

Automatically optimize ad campaign performance across social, search, and DSP

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Think of us as an AI marketer
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FB Marketing Automation

Automate your campaigns without any rules

Automate marketing efforts by putting ad campaigns on AI-powered
autopilot that accelerates efficiency to value. Leverage best-in-class automation products to effect campaigns across social and search channels and automate audience targeting, Ad bidding, creatives, demographic, geo, location, decide on the best ad channels, scale, and more automatically driven decisions that improve and make an impact on your campaign.


More Automation Products for Facebook Marketers

FB Ad Optimization

Autonomus optimization decision

Optimize your campaigns using an advanced autonomous AI - no pre-defined rules platform. Trapica AI will decide on the best way to go after your audiences/conversions and execute it automatically to achieve the best results across channels for your marketing efforts - it's like having bionic marketers on your team that help your campings perform.

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"Trapica delivers consistently on their promise to find and scale wins efficiently. They're responsive and adept at moving quickly to adjust strategy when goals change from quarter to quarter."

Colleen Kelly, Growth Marketing Manager @ Nom Nom

Insights and Intelligence

Advanced insights and audience intelligence for each campaign and channel

See what we see - Get valuable insights on each aspect of your campaigns, including personas and audiences that perform the best creatives, ad assets, locations, best channel, and more, and see the complete picture of your marketing performance.


"Trapica not only made it easy for us to automate digital advertising, but it improved our overall conversions. Win-win!!"    
Source: G2

Scale Marketers

Scale campaigns across platforms while increasing ROI 

Use advanced scaling algorithms across channels that will decide in each moment whether to scale and on what ad channel based on real-time data and performance - we make sure that you can scale your campaigns while keeping your CAC on the lower side and increasing the ROI.

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More AI powered products for marketers

Brand Safety

Protect your brands' ad accounts from mistakes, hackers, and other threats

Performance Forecast

Get a forecast on your conversions, budgets, and ad results

Ad Planning

Ad planning for marketers allows you to plan & track your campaigns and budgets across channels

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