Leverage Media Ad Planning to Maximize Efficiency

Media planner that takes all your existing and planned campaign data across media channels and allows you to create and track an easy-to-read flowchart visualization that can be shared.
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We simplify the media planning process

Trapica's Planner is an omnichannel planning, tracking, and reporting tool for media, marketing campaigns, and marketers. Increase efficiency, productivity, and streamline delivery and collaboration.

Cloud-based Media Planning​

Use Trapica Planner to plan, manage and track insights of campaigns across marketers and teams

Cross-platform Media Planning

Simplify cross-platform campaign and media spend planning

Track Insights and Conversations

Track conversions and insights across platforms in one ad campaign analytics tool

Cloud media planning​

One place to plan all your marketing activities across channels. Moving to Trapica's planner cloud means that you and your team will have access to all of your planned campaigns and history data and advanced insights on ongoing and historical campaigns in one place.

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Simplify media calendar

Trapica's planning tool allows you to plan and create easy-to-view calendar flowcharts on the existing planned media campaigns across ad channels. View assets, update budgets, conversions, and other usefull data.

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Campaign tracking and insights

Trapica's planner insights allows you to track and view powerful insights about your ongoing media campaigns across platforms in one place. You can link between planned campaigns and running campaigns and see all your results in one place.

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