Grow your marketing efforts with AI marketing cloud  

When you power your marketing efforts with Trapica, you can react faster, understand your audiences, and optimize everything from one place.

Leverage AI for growth marketers

With Trapica marketing cloud, marketers bypass traditional platforms and work, adapt innovative AI-powered products, and make the AI part of their team.


AI powered automation for marketers

Automate marketing efforts by putting ad campaigns on AI-powered autopilot that are proven to accelerate efficiency to value. Leverage best in class automation products to optimize campaigns across social and search channels and automate audience targeting, Ad bidding, creatives, scale, and more automatically driven products that benefit your marketing activities.

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Performance Targeting

Advanced Ad targeting optimization

Target your perfect audiences by using 15 AI algorithms that analyze every ad conversion in real-time, find the perfect audiences that are converting, and update segmentations autonomously across campaigns.
Unlock your ad's real value by targeting the right audiences exactly when they are ready to convert.

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Built to never let your ads down

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"Trapica not only made it easy for us to automate digital advertising, but it improved our overall conversions. Win-win!!"    
Source: G2

Audience Discovery

AI powered automation for marketers

How well do you know the people who interact with your brand?
Trapica's market research analyzes your audience and reports the geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting segments that best represent your audience.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics

One platform to analyze and monitor ads across channels

Say goodbye to manual ad analytics, ad tracking, and data sheets.
Empower marketing teams with comprehensive marketing analytics that use real-time AI across social and search platforms, allowing marketers to maximize performance, analyze campaigns, identify opportunities, trend predictions, and act.

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Ad account protection

Prevent marketing mistakes and protect account from hackers

Marketing mistakes and Ad accounts hacking happens everyday.

Whether you're concerned your ad account may be at risk or simply want to avoid making key errors on your campaigns, use Trapica's cyber protection to be alerted whenever there is unusual activty on your ad account.

Alek Grinberg

"Trapica has consistently proven to get CPAs below what we see with the platform algorithms alone. The ROI has been strong through multiple tests and evaluations, which makes the partnership a no-brainer."

Alek Grinberg Senior Director of Marketing @ HOMER

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