Get everything you need to manage and optimize your ad campaigns in one AI marketing suite.

The Trapica Marketing Suite helps you maximize your social and search advertising by
combining campaign automation, audience insights, and ad account security alerts.

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Campaign Automation & Optimization

Trapica's automation allows you to put your ad campaigns on autopilot.

By automating your campaign targeting, budget scale, bidding, and more, you can spend less time worrying about the details and focus on the overall marketing strategy instead.

Make real-time updates to audience targeting based on who's actively converting
Budget Scale
Set parameters that define when to scale and to what amount, mitigating the risk of increased conversion costs
Creative A/B Testing
Automatically A/B test ad creatives to ensure the top performers are consistently pushed out
Cross-Platform Optimization
Use the AI learning to enrich the targeting definitions on less robust platforms
Budget Management
Redistribute the campaign budget to be directed to the highest performing ads

Market Research & Audience Analysis

How well do you know the people who interact with your brand?

Trapica's market research tool, Quollo, can analyze your audience and tell you the geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting segments that best represent your audience.

Ad Account Protection & Cyber Security

Ad accounts get hacked everyday.

Whether you're concerned your ad account may be at risk or simply want to avoid making key errors on your campaigns, use Trapica's cyber protection tool, OhNoo, to be alerted whenever there is unusual activty on your ad account.

Suspected Hacking
OhNoo will pause your campaign if there is a suspected hack.
Incorrect URL
OhNoo will pause your ad if it is being directed to an unapproved URL.
Irregular Bid
OhNoo will pause your campaign if it uses an unusually high or low bid.
Unapproved Users
OhNoo will remove unapproved users from your ad account to prevent fraudulent activity.
Unapproved Edits
OhNoo will pause your campaign if it is edited by an unapproved user.

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