When you power your mobile marketing efforts with Trapica's App Marketing Platform, you can react faster, understand your audiences, and optimize everything from one place.

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Help you achieve your marketing app KPI's

One Marketing Automation product for all your needs

Save 65% of your time and Reduce CPA by an average of 24% with autonomous marketing campaigns automation across ad channels. Simply plug our AI into your ad accounts, and our marketing automation will do the rest.

Get Powerfull insights on your audiences online and offline

With our go-to-market intelligence, you can analyze your online and offline audiences across ad channels and get powerful insights like intent, behavior, and interest. In addition to analyzing your data, it can also analyze your competitor, and share the data with you. As an insight, our AI will use audience data to create personas, making getting to know your audiences easier.

Combine your Ad analytics from across ad channels into powerful insights

One Ad Analytical Tool allows you to see all your campaign data from across the channels in an easy view enhanced with powerful insights.

Products that are built for Marketers daily activities

Products that marketers need for their daily activities like Brand Safety, Ad Planner, Campaign Forecast, Creative Scoring, KPI Trackers, and more.

Autonomous marketing automation across ad channels

Trapica's App Marketing Automation Platform is a fully autonomous AI that doesn't require manual pre-definition implementation from your side. Our marketing automation AI will target the right audiences based on your conversion objectives and real-time events to ensure efficiency and performance.

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Trapica's App Marketing Automation Products
Automated Camapaign Managment
Audience Targeting Optimization  
Ad Bidding  
Cross Channel Budget management
Autonomus creatives testing, scoring and insights
Ad Scale
Cross Channel opertunitues Insights
Audience discovery Insights
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