Trapica Ai for Mobile aPP MARKETING

Optimize App Install Campaigns
Across Search, Social, And More

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Continuously Grow Your User LTV

Retain your best users, understand the full user conversion funnel, and optimize paid campaigns with AI algorithms.

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Boost Ads Across
Ad Networks

Run mobile ad campaigns, reach your perfect audience, and scale with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Ads, and Apple Search.

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automate campaign updates

Improve ROI and Ad Performance

Drive installs, increase LTV, and scale ad campaigns automatically with a comprehensive AI solution.

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Drive Installs
And Boost ROI 
With AI For Mobile Apps 

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Mobile App Ad Scale

Scale your app install ads when the time is right based on budget and CPA parameters that you define.

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Ad Insights and Key Metrics

Analyze conversions on your campaigns, understand user behavior, see real-time insights, and track conversion rates over time in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Creative A/B For Mobile Apps

Focus your ad dollars on the creatives that are most likely to get your audience to convert by constantly A/B testing creative performance.

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Targeting Optimization

Learn from conversion events throughout the entire conversion funnel and use these insights to target the audience that is most likely to install your app.

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Bidding Optimization For Mobile Apps

Campaign bidding is automatically adjusted to maximize your ad spend and ensure it is being spent on the keywords that drive app installs.

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