Trapica Ai for Online retail Brands

Engage Customers And Drive Purchases On A Dynamic Advertising Platform

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Reach New & Existing Customers

Retarget website visitors, reach a custom audience, or simply refine targeting keywords to bring in new customers and create positive online experiences for existing ones.

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Make Your Job As A Marketer Easier

Enable AI-powered automation to take care of every aspect of your marketing campaigns, so you can focus more on the big picture.

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Scale ad campaigns

Increase ROAS and Scale Ad Spend

Scale  ROAS and ROI across multiple platforms while maintaining a low customer acquisition cost.

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Products Built
For E-Commerce Brands

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Campaign Scale for
Retail Advertising

Scale your ads at the right time based on parameters that you define.

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Predictive Targeting for Retail

Target your audiences earlier in the funnel based on extensive patterns that are built around your audience’s habits and what leads them to convert.

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Find And Optimize The Top Creatives For Your Ads

Constantly A/B test your existing creatives and push out the ones that are most likely to get your audience to convert.

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Targeting The Perfect Audience For Each Product

Get your products in front of the people who will purchase them with AI-driven keyword targeting.

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Bidding Optimization For Retail Ads

Campaign bidding is automatically adjusted on each of your campaigns to maximize your spend and make sure it is being used on the keywords and targeting segments that get purchases.

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