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Stepping away from an agency can be a difficult, but there are a few ways to make it an easier transition.

Ad Automation and Optimization

AI powered automation & Optimization for marketers

Automate marketing efforts by putting ad campaigns on AI-powered autopilot that are proven to accelerate efficiency to value. Leverage best in class automation products to optimize campaigns across social and search channels and automate audience targeting, Ad bidding, creatives, scale, and more automatically driven products that benefit your marketing activities.

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Audience Intelligence

Go to market strategy and intelligence

How well do you know the people who interact with your brand?
Trapica's market research analyzes your audience and reports the geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting segments that best represent your audience.

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Six Key Actions: In-House Marketing

We've laid out six key actions that need to be taken into consideration when making the transition from agency to in-house. How does your plan compare?

1 | Build Your Team

Bring smart marketers onto your team that know the ins and outs of your ad platforms and can keep up with an every-changing industry.

2 | Understand the Data

Your data tells a story. How are people moving through your conversion funnels? Have you been able to scale efficiently in the past?

3 | Manage Several Platforms

Every advertising platform has a unique set of standards and policies. Make sure your internal team is knowledgable across all of your relevant platforms.

4 | Use Dynamic Tools

Are there any tools that can make it easier to create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns? Here at Trapica, we believe AI tools can really boost your strategy.

5 | Track Performance

It's important to track campaign performance and continuously adapt your strategy to reach the most relevant audience at any given moment.

6 | Improve ROI

Pushing out ads is one thing, but maintaining and improving your ROI is a challenge on its own. Don't spend your ad dollars on campaigns that generate a poor return.

What's new at Trapica?

Brand Safety

Protect your brands' ad accounts from mistakes, hackers, and other threats

Performance forecast

Get a forecast on your conversions, budgets, and ad results

Ad Planning

Ad planning for marketers allows you to plan & track your campaigns and budgets across channels

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